Are you the ULTIMATE GUY?

Enter our search for the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy for a chance to be featured in the December 2024 issue.

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This year’s application submission process is now complete! Check back to find out who took home the title as our 2024 Ultimate Guy.

We’re on the hunt for the next Men’s Health Ultimate Guy.

We’ll start with a nationwide call for submissions to men who believe they capture what it means to live stronger, faster, and better.

Then, our team will search the results for guys who are physically and mentally fit, guys who are professionally successful and generous, and guys who inspire others through their dedication to everything. Finally, we’ll declare a winner. Our winner will receive the ultimate prize… a feature in Men’s Health.

To complete your entry you’ll need the following:

Four Quick Questions

Each 100 words or less. Please use this space to show us how you (or the nominee) meet our criteria for being the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy.

Three Photos

Make sure these are solo shots where we can clearly see your (or the nominee’s) face and body. If you have a photo that demonstrates an important part of your personality, we want to see it! (For example, if you’re a firefighter, can we see you in uniform? If you’re a surfer, can we see you on the beach?)

Contact Info

We’ll need this information to contact the finalists and verify eligibility.